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Shadow Work Cannabis Consultants

Shadow Work Cannabis Consultants

Who are we?

We at ShadowWorkCo are one of the proven and award winning consultants for cannabis, you can find us through-out the United States as of right now. Professionalism, being one of our core values and the satisfaction of our clients, makes us different from the rest.

If you are someone who is confused about cannabis, in any way or if you are someone who wants to get the best out of cannabis, we are here for you. Our diverse team will guide you through the whole process and our range of services will make the process a whole lot easier.

Our Services

We are not the typical cannabis consultants. We offer a diverse range of services for you to choose from. Some of our services include building out full commercial grows, installing equipment, writing SOPs, training of staff, company branding interior design and more.

Our professional team of architects, electricians and plumbers will take care of the whole process.

Full Commercial Grow Rooms

Whether it’s the paperwork, the equipment, the management, climate control, security, you don’t need to worry about that once you have us on board. We have a team of professionals who go through various services which includes.

1. The paperwork

This is one of the most crucial steps for setting up a Grow Room, whether hemp/CBD or Cannabis (THC) for medical or recreational use.

2. Setting up the Equipment

After the paperwork, comes setting up the equipment. Whether it is a domestic setup or a commercial one, our team of architects will choose the most suitable equipment. And then the respective team will set that equipment for your growth room. We have the most competitive pricing on the market.

3. Management

When you’re on board with us, we will make sure you don’t have any problems with the management of your Growth Rooms, and we will make sure of the fact that the whole management system is easy to understand and easy to use.


Right now, we are in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida, New Mexico and California doing this with more states on the horizon as we keep expanding as states become legal.

We are one of the fastest growing consultants out there. Right now, we are operating in five places.

These include:

· Mississippi

· Oklahoma

· Virginia

· New Mexico

· California

· Florida

· Maine

If you find us around in your area, give us a call for consultation and follow us on Instagram @shadowworkco as we post dates and videos of our current “tour dates”.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Our customers speak for us. That is what makes us different from the other consultants out there. We tend to follow the global standards and satisfy our clients automatically in the process of creating systems and doing work for them, consulting for them and more.

The Takeaway

Cannabis is something you would want consultation for. It is something you would want help with. If you are planning a Grow Room, you would want professional help for the paperwork, the equipment, the company brand, and a whole lot other services we offer.

Our core values: some of which are professionalism, and client satisfaction defines us. That is why we are consider ourselves, the top consultants as we are very hands on, and we are expanding continuously, making us one of the most growing consultants in the growing industry. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call for any sort of consultation.


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