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Incorporating Good Genetics Into Your Garden

It is always a good idea to start with good genetics. Some cannabis cultivation grows do not always have room for a mother and veg room to start from seed. We offer sourcing of seeds and also clones. We can also mother a plant out for local growers to collect clones and veg for our customers with limited space at a reasonable cost.


We focus this in Oklahoma to licensed OMMA growers only or dispensaries that are looking to buy clones to sell to their patients. Either way. We can email you a list of what is available and take pre-orders for upcoming batches. Prices start at $9.00+ and go up for teens and adults. We only offer good cuts that have been pheno hunted by us personally. We have a name in this industry as The Dope Dealers for a reason. We do not grow junk or use junk lights and nutrients, so we do not supply junk genetics. Reach out to us today for a price list or personal quote. Stephen Boyd 214-770-4872


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