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How Important is Branding?

How Important Branding Is?

Branding is your identity, it is very important. Even if you are small or big. This creates the recognition a customer can identify who you are, how to follow you and how to relate to you. Branding, packaging, design shows that you care about your customer.

It also sets you apart from the rest. This brand is not just a logo, it is a whole story and guideline for your business. We focus on this a lot as well as marketing and advertising, where many do not. A lot of growers will say, "My product will sell itself", false! This is so far from the truth and where many shut their doors. Your flower does not tell a story, it does not sell it for you, it doesn't post to social media platforms. So no, it does not speak for itself. YOU speak for it and that is with branding.

Whipped Branding, our parent company, has created many brands, not just in Cannabis for 20 years. If this is an area you want to explore then let's talk. We have done everything from brick and mortars to in-store signage, SEO, web design, marketing, brochures, identity packages, photography, special effects and motion design.

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