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Our Story

Shadow Work Consulting is founded on group of individual growers, construction workers, electricians, architects & interior designers, located in the US. We service customers Nation-Wide. It is not just the individual success of us that is special, but rather the success as a team, in one of the most demanding industries in the world. Cannabis Business can make or break you. We know the trials and tribulations that can go on, and how to avoid it all.

Most of all, this is your business but you also need to enjoy it and have fun.

We have worked in the marketing and cannabis industry for over a decade.

With a strong work ethic, we have great accomplishments that have a result show

dedication, determination and success, not only to our business but also to the support

of each other in and out of the grow facility.

We understand that hard work will only take you so far, we have to surround ourselves with a team of supportive experts. We focus on sourcing good genetics from our seed bank and breeder cuts (clones). With a good working crew throughout the US, we are able to travel to your door step any day of the week to consult, build and grow.

We combined our experience to put together two grows in three states, and visualize our own success, long before it was physically possible. We did all of this with absolute intent and little backing. With that being said, there was a lot of failures at first but over the years, we have been consulting established grows that suddenly saw a decline, from using toxic pesticides, not knowing the ways of organic treatment of pests and mildew to start-ups that need everything from a name, logo to a finished seed-to-sale company.  

In our Store we have a list of vendors we work with. We have exclusive deals with some, and can get you the best pricing around. If you need a custom quote, just contact us and we will be glad to assist you with your cannabis grow facility needs. Indoor and Greenhouse.



We empower people with our experienced, knowledge-based skills to help optimize their facility, and give them knowledge on how to train and educate their staff. Guiding others to find their best self and providing the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for anything.

"We don’t want you to survive, we want you to thrive – we want you to optimize your grow and dispensary" - Shadow Work Co.



Our passion for growing cannabis and our passion to self-explore our own limitations has now manifest into wanting to help others find and live their passion.


We experienced incredible highs and disastrous lows. We experienced how to manage these highs and lows. We have experienced it first-hand.


With a combined 25 years experience as professionals in our field, we learnt a thing or two along the way.


If you are a new business or existing business with issues that you want to tackle, it can be done! Do not be discouraged, we are here to reach out to.


We have lived our lives with intent. Intention is the difference between good and great, seizing all opportunities and possibilities. We can help you create a life of intent!


In a world of social media it's hard to see who is real and who is a scam. With Shadow Work Consulting, you get us,  two people who simply want to get everything they can out of life and see you succeed as well. 

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